History of the New Zealand Table Soccer Federation

December 2020: Foundation of the New Zealand Table Soccer Federation

Following a workshop by Jens Uhlemann on how to develop table soccer as a sport, we decided to form the New Zealand Table Soccer Federation.

October 2020: Strategy meeting on how to establish table soccer as a sport in New Zealand

Participants (from top left to bottom right):
Christian Fiedler (managing director of Leonhart),
Marcus Schulz (vice president of the German Table Soccer Federation, DTFB),
Matthias Stadler (Foosball Auckland),
Steffi Neupert and Paul Szyszka (Foosball Dunedin),
Jens Uhlemann (president of the Nordrhein Westfälischer Tischfussballverband),
Dirk Leenders (Foosball Tauranga),
Blake Laing-Smith (Foosball Auckland),
Chucky Prague (Foosball Christchurch), and
Joe Stone (Foosball Hawke’s Bay).

October 2020: Leonhart foosball tables for Christchurch

Leonhart supplied two foosball tables (leo_pro tournament) for Foosball Christchurch (Chucky Prague) which were set up at the Port & Eagle Brewpub in Kaiapoi near Christchurch.
We are looking forward to the tournaments Dunedin vs Christchurch!

Update (Feb. 2021): The foosball tables are no longer in Port & Eagles, and we are looking for a location to set them up in Christchurch.

July 2020: Arrival of the first professional foosball tables in New Zealand

Marcus Schulz, vice president of the German Table Soccer Federation (DTFB), and Christian Fiedler, managing director of the foosball table company Leonhart, decided to support us by sponsoring 7 professional foosball tables (leo_pro tournament).
Four tables have been set up in Dunedin at the Unipol. Everybody is welcome to use them free of charge, and we provide free coaching every Tuesday and Friday evening (www.foosball-dunedin.org).

December 2019: Random encounters between foosballers in New Zealand and Germany…

…lay the foundations for a New Zealand-wide table soccer community.