Foosball Rules

We play according to the rules of the International Table Soccer Federation.

Start a match

The winner of a coin flip may choose for the serve or side of the table.
A match consists of one set or best-of-three sets (first to 2 sets win).
The player/team who first scores 5 goals wins a set.


Put the ball at the middle figure of the 5-rod. Ask your opponent if ready. When opponent replies ready, pass the ball via a second figure.
Within a match, a team has serve if they conceded the previous goal.
After every re-start, the ball must touch at least two player figures prior to advancing to another rod.


A goal can be scored from any figure.
A ball that goes in and out of the goal counts as a goal.


Not allowed are spinning, slamming the side wall with the rods, hands in the table whilst ball is in play, lifting the table.
In case of a foul, the opponent serves again with the 5-rod.

Dead ball

A ball is dead if it is stationary and not reachable.
A dead ball behind the 5-rod is put to the nearest goalie rod.
A dead ball between the 5-rods is served by the serving team.

Ball off table

When a player makes the ball go off the table due to the power of the shot, it is given back to the opponent at the 2-rod.

Time limit

The ball is allowed to be under the 5-rod for 10 seconds and other rods (goalie & 2-rod count as one rod) for 15 seconds. Exceeding the time limit on the 3-rod goes to opponent’s 2-rod, anywhere else goes to opponent’s.


Two 30-second timeouts are allowed per set. Only the player in possession of the ball may call a time out while the ball is in play. When not in play, both players/team can call a timeout.


After each set the players/teams may change sides.